5 Day Course

5 Day Timber Framing Course

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Oak Heath Traditional Timber Framing are experts in the traditional craft and provide 5 day oak timber framing courses in a workshop environment.

Led by Adam Baker, with over 20 years of expertise in various aspects of woodwork, each course caters for up to 8 people and starts with the aim of equipping every person who attends with traditional woodworking skills.

At the end of every course every person will have contributed to a project with a completed build in the form of a oak timber framed building.

The 5-day timber framing courses provide a number of lessons covering the following areas:

Day 1 – This will be an introduction to the tools, the properties of the timber and the techniques that will be used in the project build. This includes making a scale mortice and tenon joint and it would traditionally be draw pegged.

Day 2 – Course attendees will start to put in to practice the skills and techniques learnt previously (such as the mortice and tenon joint), on a full size timber frame project. This includes marking out and cutting the various joints.

Day 3 – The third day focuses on using hand tools to mark out and cut out the joints, creating the different joints required for the project.

Day 4 – This fourth day is designed for attendees to work with power tools creating the joints and different elements of the build. This includes working with tools such as chain mortisers and circular saws, and everyone will have the opportunity to do so.

Day 5 – The final day is focused on working on the actual frame and construction of the build. This includes marking out and machining a truss, as well as the assembling of the building.

For all 5-day courses Oak Heath provide all the facilities, equipment and refreshments. This includes a lunch every day prepared by Rachel, as well as tea, coffee and soft drinks throughout the day.

For those attending the course that are not based in the local area, Oak Heath can provide a selection of accommodation including camping, camping pods and a self-catering apartment for up to 2 people. Why not visit our accommodation pages here to find out more.

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