Bespoke Courses

Bespoke Timber Framing Courses

If you are looking for a timber framing course, but haven’t found one that is quite right for you, why not create your own bespoke timber framing course.

At Oak Heath we will tailor a course to your exact requirements that will leave any attendee with a thorough knowledge of what tools to use, the best materials and the techniques required to create your exact project with the highest quality finish, whether it is your very own luxury summer house, garage, studio or anything else.

The end result of each course will be that you can go away with a bespoke oak timber hand made product should you choose to do so (materials and transport would be subject to a separate cost) or you have all the expertise and knowledge required to work on your desired project at home.

Typically an Oak Heath timber framing course lasts up to 5 days, however the course workshops, guidance and time required will be completely led by you. We can cater for up to 8 people per course giving each person individual attention, making it an ideal experience for team building, small professional teams or for amateur woodwork enthusiasts.

An example course would typically be structured as below:

Day 1 – An introduction to the tools you will be using, the materials you will be working with as well as demonstrations of the key techniques and skills that may be required for your specific project. A scale model of your project may be constructed so it is clear exactly what goes into the process.

Day 2 – You will start to put in to practice the techniques demonstrated in the classroom setting previously. This could typically include applying practical knowledge such as creating mortice and tenon joints or other skills essential to your build.

Day 3 – You will learn how to professionally design elements of your build such as the joints, and how to craft these using hand tools.

Day 4 – You will learn how to safely use power tools such as mortisers and circular saws, using them as you would for your individual project.

Day 5 – You will construct your oak timber project using the tools and skills that have been practiced over the previous days, with a completely constructed project at the end.

Throughout your course Oak Heath will provide you with all the facilities and equipment required as well as refreshments including tea, coffee and soft drinks and lunch every day.

We also offer a selection of accommodation options on-site, perfect for anyone who requires a 5-day course or doesn’t wish to travel on the day.  For further information on our accommodation, please visit our accommodation page here.

If you would like Oak Heath Traditional Timber Framing to create a bespoke timber-framing course for you, please give us a call on 01547 530922 or email [email protected], we’d be more than happy to help.